Friday, May 28, 2010

Drake Shoot (February 2009)

So this shoot I did about a year ago at the Drake Hotel on Queen east, just a block or 2 down from the Gladstone. It was a project for school, we had to find a model within an agency, photographer, hair and MUA, as well as a location, the whole 9 yards! I had no money to pull clothing from a clothing store so my designer's intuition/ creativity kicked in, so I thought why not make a few dresses out of computer paper! It was cheap, its what I had at the moment and it worked out wonderfully! The concept of the shoot was to try and poke fun of the recession, becuase at this point, the recession was still effecting the economy alot more than what it is now. My idea was, that if people couldnt afford to shop for more clothing, they would just start wearing whatever the fuck they could and whatever they had around them...hence the computer paper. The model was from Elmer Olsen, she was FABULOUS and I even used her again for another shoot (which you will see soon, I just have to post the pictures) her name was Ariana O'Neill. The photographer was once again James Kachan (love his work) and unfortunately, I cannot remember the name of the MUA or hair stylist, but none the less they did a great job! So here ya go, enjoy them, cause I know I do and I enjoyed shooting them. Its actually one of my favorite shoots to date.

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