Saturday, July 10, 2010

Coeur De Pirate - Comme Des Enfants (Le Matos Andy Carmichael Remix) I used this song for my Spring/ Summer Womens wear fashion show.

Matt Barnes Shoot.

Back in September I did a photoshoot with one of the most amazingly talented and brilliant photographers there are and that I have met and have had the pleasure to work with, Matt Barnes. It was also the first photoshoot I had done with one of my best girlfriends, the radiant Ms. Jami Lynne Harper, who is one of the biggest and successful promoters there are in Toronto, alongside Matt Barker and Matt Sims. The shoot was great we cracked open a few beers, kicked backed for a bit than off Jami went into hair and make-up. While she was getting all dolled up, I threw off my shirt and replaced it for a slammin, vintage black leather jacket that Mr. Barnes had picked up just recently. He needed to take some test shots while Jami was getting her hair did and shit. The original photo that was taken for the shoot is of me and Jami butt naked, with her upper half put together with my lower half hahaha, its an awesome picture and has remained as my cell phones screen saver and background since the shoot. Unfortunately...I dont have it on my computer, so you will have to settle for the picture of ME! Eat your heart out bitches <3

p.s - The second picture is of me and Jami Lynne Harper and her extrordinary boyfriend Mr. Matt Mihok, arent they a FUCKING FOXY couple!?!?! I love em ta death :)


My Friend Andrew has a blog called Luv2Love. It is a selection of Things he Luv's to Love.
Its a Free Fall of his Inner Thoughts. Just Here, There and Everywhere. Its Free Spirited, Filled with Things that Make him, who he is. Its There to Read, Hear and Share. He had wrote a little blurp about me, so here it is.....the link to his blog that is. You gotta scroll down to one of his July 7th postings. You'll see the picture of me.