Monday, December 26, 2011

Stephan Loban Shoot!

For the second time now, I have had the honor and the privilege to shoot with the amazing Stephan Loban! So with my new collection completed and shown several times, I was ready to have it photographed. I asked my friend Danielle Krunk to model for me and even though it had been awhile since she had modeled, its as if a day did not even go by. She quickly picked up where she left off and delivered a stellar performance. The MUA was none other than my amazingly talented sister Ashley Nevin and hair was done by my very own hair stylist, the magical Kitty Amy! So here are the photos, enjoy <3


This was the poster for my first, very own fashion show in Toronto, ON. The image was taken by the fabulous Lysnie Roberts, who is doing SO well for herself! It was an awesome show and I could not have been more happy with how it went! It felt good to see my name on a poster! Hopefully, one of many times I will feel that feeling. Makes you feel like your on the right track in life!