Wednesday, November 24, 2010

An Old Paper Dress.

So awhile back I had done a photoshoot with photographer James Kachan and one the best models I have EVER worked with and still use her to this day. Ariana O'Neill. All the dresses were made out of computer paper and turned out to be one of the best photoshoots I had ever done, I still love all the pictures as if they were brand new. ANYWAYS, about a year after that shoot happened, I was contacted to make another dress out of computer paper, because they had liked these previous dresses so much. I gladly agreed to do so. So here it is, this was the last computer paper dress I had made. I love the dress, but I would not have chosen this model for this particular shoot. She's cute and very pretty and was a complete sweetheart...but I have learned my lesson, and now always ask to see the model that I will be working with before the actual shoot :) Enjoy!

Monday, November 1, 2010

A Look At My 2011 Spring Summer Women's Wear Collection.

Have a look at these pictures! There are only 6 designs here in total but the collection is a collection of 20. I loved the collection and cannot wait to start designing my new collection, which is going to be of a style I have never done before, but more and more is sparking my interest. I've got the colours and everything pretty much figured out though. So excited! Anyways hope you all like these pics photographed by...yes, hahaha Lynsie Roberts <3

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Designed 2 Give Charity Fashion Show-Chris

Christopher J. Nevin Designs @ The Design To Give Charity Fashion Show.

The first Design To Give Charity fashion show and my first collection to be presented in Toronto was held at the Bata Shoe Museum on October 12th. It was such an amazing night, some of my family came up to see it as well as many of my amazing friends! All proceeds made from the evening were donated to The Cancer Society. So here are some of the pictures from the evening, some backstage pics of the models getting their hair and make-up done, some other designers and ME! Some of the other designers, other than myself were Joshua Shier, designer for his label Youth In Asia, Naz S. of Nazette and Jacqui Plonka. Last but not least, the poster.....Marc Piercey had asked me if it was alright if he a photograph from one of my photoshoots for my collection, so of course I said YES! The photograph used for the poster was taken by none other than my favorite photographer and one of my best friends and my #1 go to photographer LYNSIE ROBERTS <3 Anyways enjoy!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Hello, hello! Its been a very long time since my last entry! I apologize! My life has been a little hectic these past few months! New apartment, new job, everything right now is so new exciting, but with all this excitement I haven't had time to add to my blog! So here we goooooo! I have so much to write about and add onto my blog, so prepare yourself for alot to come! One of the most exciting things that has happened was that I FINALLY had my Toronto debut and I presented my womens wear collection for Spring/ Summer 2011 @ a charity fashion show which was held @ The Bata Shoe Museum! Anyways, here is a little teaser, of my new collection. This is a picture from a photoshoot I had done a few months ago with my go to photographer Lynsie Roberts! Enjoy <3

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Christina Aguilera - Woohoo (featuring Nicki Minaj) I FUCKING LOVE THIS SONG! MAKES ME WANNA DO BAD NAUGHTY THINGS!

Small Town - Big Collection!

So about a week ago I was asked to show my fucking fan-tab-u-lous collection in my small hometown (Port Hope). So, I did. It went alright, but I'm waiting to show it in Toronto. Hopefully soon enough it will happen! Anyway's so here are a few pics from after the show. My sister is the one wearing the black and white design with the dark brown hair and black ankle stilettos, she's drop dead gorgeous! Hope you guys like my designs, these were just a few of them.

Ma New Haircut!

Sooo, I got incredibly bored with my hair so last minute I decided to just give myself some bangs haha. I went for the 1st time since cutting it on Saturday. I got good feedback lol. The pictures are funny, it seems like I like kissing girls when I'm drunk. Maybe it's cause it's been awhile since I've actually had a good hook up with a guy lol, so maybe I'm just taking what I can get lol. The one girl with the black hair thats hot as hell is one of my best girlfriends Angela Sophia Vawn, she is THE FUCKING BOMB!!!

Where Have I Been?

So, it's been quite awhile since my last entry. Lets see...what the hell has happened since my last entry. Well, the summer has been pretty fucking hot and the one thing my friends and really FUCKING LOVE to do to stay chill is pool hopping! WOOT WOOT! It's mad fun. This one one night we went, it just so happened that CTV was doing a story on it or something and they had a filming crew at this pool (Dundas & Bathurst) and they were reporting. So my friend Bella and I got our 15 minutes of fame when the camera zoomed in on both of us (we were the only two faces they actually zoomed in on). It just so happened that bella was topples and I looked like dirty ass white trash holding a beer and smoking a cig, haha. Oh well. Anyways, heres the pic and the link. It was on the 6pm news on July 15th. Enjoy :)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Coeur De Pirate - Comme Des Enfants (Le Matos Andy Carmichael Remix) I used this song for my Spring/ Summer Womens wear fashion show.

Matt Barnes Shoot.

Back in September I did a photoshoot with one of the most amazingly talented and brilliant photographers there are and that I have met and have had the pleasure to work with, Matt Barnes. It was also the first photoshoot I had done with one of my best girlfriends, the radiant Ms. Jami Lynne Harper, who is one of the biggest and successful promoters there are in Toronto, alongside Matt Barker and Matt Sims. The shoot was great we cracked open a few beers, kicked backed for a bit than off Jami went into hair and make-up. While she was getting all dolled up, I threw off my shirt and replaced it for a slammin, vintage black leather jacket that Mr. Barnes had picked up just recently. He needed to take some test shots while Jami was getting her hair did and shit. The original photo that was taken for the shoot is of me and Jami butt naked, with her upper half put together with my lower half hahaha, its an awesome picture and has remained as my cell phones screen saver and background since the shoot. Unfortunately...I dont have it on my computer, so you will have to settle for the picture of ME! Eat your heart out bitches <3

p.s - The second picture is of me and Jami Lynne Harper and her extrordinary boyfriend Mr. Matt Mihok, arent they a FUCKING FOXY couple!?!?! I love em ta death :)


My Friend Andrew has a blog called Luv2Love. It is a selection of Things he Luv's to Love.
Its a Free Fall of his Inner Thoughts. Just Here, There and Everywhere. Its Free Spirited, Filled with Things that Make him, who he is. Its There to Read, Hear and Share. He had wrote a little blurp about me, so here it is.....the link to his blog that is. You gotta scroll down to one of his July 7th postings. You'll see the picture of me.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

McQueen Shoot

It's been quite a while since my last post. I'm sorry. So much has happened since, but that I will save for another entry. For now, for you, please enjoy these amazing photographs from a shoot I did a few months ago with a dear, dear friend and amazing photographer, Lynsie Roberts. The shoot was called "Fashion Kills" and we wanted to re-create the oh so infamous Alexander McQueen (RIP) heels. So she called the day before the shoot and asked if I could make them, I said I fucking hope so haha. I made the shoes by using a heel underneath as a base, than covering the shoe in plastic wrap, so that they wont be damaged, than in tin-foil than stockings, glue and finally throwing some glitter on the bad boys. Anyways, enjoy the pictures.