Sunday, June 20, 2010

McQueen Shoot

It's been quite a while since my last post. I'm sorry. So much has happened since, but that I will save for another entry. For now, for you, please enjoy these amazing photographs from a shoot I did a few months ago with a dear, dear friend and amazing photographer, Lynsie Roberts. The shoot was called "Fashion Kills" and we wanted to re-create the oh so infamous Alexander McQueen (RIP) heels. So she called the day before the shoot and asked if I could make them, I said I fucking hope so haha. I made the shoes by using a heel underneath as a base, than covering the shoe in plastic wrap, so that they wont be damaged, than in tin-foil than stockings, glue and finally throwing some glitter on the bad boys. Anyways, enjoy the pictures.

Friday, June 4, 2010

The Social Dress.

Back in the day, back @ The Social! Every Monday night would be Monday Meetings @ The Social, we would go, get shit faced, dance our ass' off, chill and have a good old fucking time with our friends. Times have changed, as has The Social. Anyways, this is me and one of my best friends (shes actually more like family, like a sister) Kelsi Wood, getting ready to head to The Social on a Monday night, in my old apartment! I made a dress for her to wear out that night and DAMN, did she ever wear! Love you Kelsi!


These were 2 prom dresses I made a few years ago for my two friends Hannah Burley and Jamie Dolley. They both look soooo beautiful! Me on the other hand I look like some kind of cereal killer in the picture. What a scary looking homo!

Paper Dress Shoot.

Alright, so the last pictures I had posted were from a shoot I did for school and I made the dresses out of computer paper. A while after the shoot I was contacted by a girl who was wondering if I could do 1 more computer paper dress for a shoot, so I said yes. It was a fun day, the creative team was awesome, the model was an insanely cute girl and the dress turned out perfectly!


It's been quite a while since my last post. I cant really say that I've been busy, but my head has been somewhere else. It's frustrating when you honestly think that you are 100% happy with yourself and who you are, but than realize that no, your not actually happy with either of those things. You tell yourself over and over again that you will change and that change needs to happen, but your too much a coward and your to nervous to actually change because your scared of how other people will take to the change. It doesn't involve you becoming a different person, your just changing of few aspects of your character, your personality and who you are. I'm scared. I'm scared that if I change the one thing that basically makes me who I am, the one thing I feel that people take advantage of sometimes, than I'm afraid things will turn for the worst. If you want change and if you think this change will make YOU happy do you do it, even though it may not be taken lightly by others? I just don't want to be a carpet anymore. On a much lighter note, I'm just about to post some new pictures!