Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Alex Evans Photoshoot.

Alex Evans is an AMAZING photographer and someone who I am so honored to call one of my close friends. His work is nothing short of breath-taking! Sunday night he had to take some pictures for a University project of his, so we took some pictures. I don't think that either of us had expected for the pictures to be this amazing. Don't get me wrong, whatever we would have done, the pictures would still kick some serious ass, but THESE pictures...COME ON! They are stunning, as am I if I do say so myself, hahaha! The paint on my face was SO tight, cause every time I would put a new layer of paint on, Alex would make me laugh and I'd have to put more on. It got so tight, that at one point, it actually held my skin in place and it felt like I wasn't smiling. Alex was saying to me, "Chris! STOP SMILING!" hahaha, I was like, "IM NOT". Alex has also shot one of dresses before, a few months ago. It was modeled by Jami Lynne Harper and was part of my last collection. I'll post all pictures mentioned in this blurp. Anyways, it was a fun night and I look forward to shooting with Alex again! Enjoy the photos!


BAH! Time is ticking and I am getting so FUCKING excited! So, first of all the Logo for The Rock The Runway event is actually this one, right above ^ ALSO I totally didn't even realize I did this, but I got the date wrong its MARCH 5TH!!! COME COME COME! This collection is going to be my BEST!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


So, I realized that I have a very hard time keeping up with posts! It's horrible, so I figured I would post more, if I had more to post about other than just myself and my designs, haha. I'm going to start posting my own fashion tips, my "Fashion Philosophies" if you will :) Some tips on style, as well as other things such as shoes, accessories, dresses and other designers that I love! I'm also currently working on a BRAND NEW collection which I will be showing at this years ROCK THE RUNWAY which be held at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) on March 1st 2011! I'm so excited for the show, which will have Brian Bailey, from Project Runway Canada, as this years Special Ambassador. It's going to be a HUGE show, you should all come and buy a ticket, all proceeds will be donated to WAR CHILD! Big things are in store for me for 2011, so keep following me and reading my blog, there is MUCH, much, much more to come from me :)

Shoot With Stephen M Loban.

A few weeks ago, one of my great friends and all around babe, Caitlin Alexander had said that she wanted to shoot with me! I said yes, cause I'm not a fucking retard! She found a photographer and I found a MUA and magic was made! It had been awhile since I had shot with a photographer that I had not of worked with ever before, so I was nervous and yet so fucking incredibly excited! I also had not ever have worked with Caitlin either. The MUA was none other than close friend and often the very best partner in crime drinkin buddy and sesh partner (drum roll plreas)....Kate Mackinnon! I had brought with me 3 nw dresses from my Spring/ Summer 2011 Womens Wear collection. The pictures taken this day were nothing short of breathtaking for me, while I sat in a chair and watched the computer screen as each picture taken would instantly pop up. It was the first shoot I had ever done where I could really just sit back and relax and enjoy the beauty being made as the shoot proceeded. Caitlin needed no direction at all with any of the modeling, she was fantastic. Kate did a MAGNIFICENT job with the make-up, it looked so "french-galliano" but tamed, haha. If that even makes any sense, but thats how it looked for me :) And Stephen M Loban, well needless to say I was 100% satisfied with his work! Such an amazingly talented man! Thank you Stephen. Enjoy the photos, there are quite a few :)

Fashion Week Friendships.

It's nice to have a friends who can model :) I met this girl about a year ago at Toronto LG Fashion Week. I was styling an entire collection at Fashion Week for Designer Zoran Dobric. It was my first HUGE job (even though there was no pay) I was absolutely THRILLED, literally shitting bricks with excitement when asked to do it. Caitlin Alexander, she was a huge sweetheart! Prolly the nicest model that was there that day. We had so much fun and it was nice to have someone to talk to that day, seeing as I didnt really know anyone there too well. We kept in touch and it has really been a wonderful friendship! She is GORGEOUS and such a pleasure to work with! I remember that day sooooo well, it was amazing! So many models walking through the doors and I had to find each of the models walking for Zoran's show, I was running up and holding a picture to other models faces wondering if they were the model I was looking for. Also my ex boyfriends, new boy-toy/ flavor of the month, was actually one of the many make-up artists working at Fashion Week. His name was Max, but I always referred to him as "Maxi-pad". I thought it was funny, haha. He had this one male model sitting in his chair who was walking for Zoran's show, who he was flirting with SO hard, I laughed and than got the make-up supervisor to yell at him cause he was taking all fucking day to finish his make-up. It was great to watch. ANYWAYS! Here are a few pictures from that collection in which I styled and in which Caitlin modeled <3