Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Alex Evans Photoshoot.

Alex Evans is an AMAZING photographer and someone who I am so honored to call one of my close friends. His work is nothing short of breath-taking! Sunday night he had to take some pictures for a University project of his, so we took some pictures. I don't think that either of us had expected for the pictures to be this amazing. Don't get me wrong, whatever we would have done, the pictures would still kick some serious ass, but THESE pictures...COME ON! They are stunning, as am I if I do say so myself, hahaha! The paint on my face was SO tight, cause every time I would put a new layer of paint on, Alex would make me laugh and I'd have to put more on. It got so tight, that at one point, it actually held my skin in place and it felt like I wasn't smiling. Alex was saying to me, "Chris! STOP SMILING!" hahaha, I was like, "IM NOT". Alex has also shot one of dresses before, a few months ago. It was modeled by Jami Lynne Harper and was part of my last collection. I'll post all pictures mentioned in this blurp. Anyways, it was a fun night and I look forward to shooting with Alex again! Enjoy the photos!


  1. Great shoots! The 3rd photo is my favorite. :)
    Do you have Twitter?

  2. Hahaha your funny. I enjoyed reading that:)
    These photos are absolutely AMAZING!!!!! You look incredible.
    Can't wait to see more. Love your blog