Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shoot With Stephen M Loban.

A few weeks ago, one of my great friends and all around babe, Caitlin Alexander had said that she wanted to shoot with me! I said yes, cause I'm not a fucking retard! She found a photographer and I found a MUA and magic was made! It had been awhile since I had shot with a photographer that I had not of worked with ever before, so I was nervous and yet so fucking incredibly excited! I also had not ever have worked with Caitlin either. The MUA was none other than close friend and often the very best partner in crime drinkin buddy and sesh partner (drum roll plreas)....Kate Mackinnon! I had brought with me 3 nw dresses from my Spring/ Summer 2011 Womens Wear collection. The pictures taken this day were nothing short of breathtaking for me, while I sat in a chair and watched the computer screen as each picture taken would instantly pop up. It was the first shoot I had ever done where I could really just sit back and relax and enjoy the beauty being made as the shoot proceeded. Caitlin needed no direction at all with any of the modeling, she was fantastic. Kate did a MAGNIFICENT job with the make-up, it looked so "french-galliano" but tamed, haha. If that even makes any sense, but thats how it looked for me :) And Stephen M Loban, well needless to say I was 100% satisfied with his work! Such an amazingly talented man! Thank you Stephen. Enjoy the photos, there are quite a few :)

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  1. Babe - you are brilliant. I am so unbelieveably proud of you!