Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fashion Week Friendships.

It's nice to have a friends who can model :) I met this girl about a year ago at Toronto LG Fashion Week. I was styling an entire collection at Fashion Week for Designer Zoran Dobric. It was my first HUGE job (even though there was no pay) I was absolutely THRILLED, literally shitting bricks with excitement when asked to do it. Caitlin Alexander, she was a huge sweetheart! Prolly the nicest model that was there that day. We had so much fun and it was nice to have someone to talk to that day, seeing as I didnt really know anyone there too well. We kept in touch and it has really been a wonderful friendship! She is GORGEOUS and such a pleasure to work with! I remember that day sooooo well, it was amazing! So many models walking through the doors and I had to find each of the models walking for Zoran's show, I was running up and holding a picture to other models faces wondering if they were the model I was looking for. Also my ex boyfriends, new boy-toy/ flavor of the month, was actually one of the many make-up artists working at Fashion Week. His name was Max, but I always referred to him as "Maxi-pad". I thought it was funny, haha. He had this one male model sitting in his chair who was walking for Zoran's show, who he was flirting with SO hard, I laughed and than got the make-up supervisor to yell at him cause he was taking all fucking day to finish his make-up. It was great to watch. ANYWAYS! Here are a few pictures from that collection in which I styled and in which Caitlin modeled <3

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