Friday, May 28, 2010

Drake Shoot (February 2009)

So this shoot I did about a year ago at the Drake Hotel on Queen east, just a block or 2 down from the Gladstone. It was a project for school, we had to find a model within an agency, photographer, hair and MUA, as well as a location, the whole 9 yards! I had no money to pull clothing from a clothing store so my designer's intuition/ creativity kicked in, so I thought why not make a few dresses out of computer paper! It was cheap, its what I had at the moment and it worked out wonderfully! The concept of the shoot was to try and poke fun of the recession, becuase at this point, the recession was still effecting the economy alot more than what it is now. My idea was, that if people couldnt afford to shop for more clothing, they would just start wearing whatever the fuck they could and whatever they had around them...hence the computer paper. The model was from Elmer Olsen, she was FABULOUS and I even used her again for another shoot (which you will see soon, I just have to post the pictures) her name was Ariana O'Neill. The photographer was once again James Kachan (love his work) and unfortunately, I cannot remember the name of the MUA or hair stylist, but none the less they did a great job! So here ya go, enjoy them, cause I know I do and I enjoyed shooting them. Its actually one of my favorite shoots to date.
Alright bitches, I've had a crazy 2 nights!!! Last night I took my roomate Emlyn out onto the streets of Church for her first time out in quite a while. She had been to the village before but not for long time. We ended up going to Goodhandy's which turned out to be a flop so we quickly changed locations and headed to the Barn, which was incredibly BUMPIN!!! It was PACKED so we had a few shots, downed a few beers and danced like our lives depended on it! After about 10 minutes of shaking our groove thang we began to sweat buckets, but who the fuck cares, cause when your at a gay club and your looking fiiiine as fuck, there could be nothing better than adding some hot, hot sweaty bodies! After the barn we decided we werent wuite ready to hit the sack, so we ended up heading to an after hours at my friends place, my roomie had asked me if it was okay she tagged along cause she realized the only ones at this after party were a bunch of gays, haha. She came anyways and she had a fucking BLAST! 7 gays and 1 girl, needless to say she had a good time with her fags. After a while and after a few more drinks which were so graciously donated to us by the host, this after party turned into a underwear party! It was so hot and I'm not only referring to the weather! There were some fine looking gay lads there ;) We didnt head home until 6:30 am, at 7:00am we were pulled over by the cops, in the end me and my roomie were given a ticket for $240 for not wearing a seatbelt properly....FUUUUUCK THAT! I guess it was a price to pay to the party gods, haha. Tonight I headed to "Our House" on Ossington &queen west, I love the club cause alot of my friends go there....but, it was a dud and was as dead as a doornail, so off to Tattoo we went! Thanks to Matt Barker and the beautiful Anna Von, we got in nd had a great night. We had some drinks, danced a bit and I even got some "love" advice from a good friend (thanks). I headed to my friend Heathers afterwords for a chat, some beer and a smoke, it was great night!!! Now I'm at home, doing this. I'm gonna post some pics after typing this, so enjoy. Peace & nighty night!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

FOLLOW MEEEEEEEE! I have so much shit to post and I know your gonna like it, this stuff bellow is JUST THE BEGINNING! I've got so many upcoming shoots lined up, alot of which are going to be some incredible high fashion shoots! But I have so much stuff right now that I'm slowly adding to this blog I'm trying to add a few things per day until finally everything is up to date. As you can see all the stuff I have posted is from awhile ago, good none the less haha. So FOLLOW ME and I wont let you all down!!!!!

Daniel Ehrenworth Shoot (January 2010 - Modeling)

Soooooo, like I said I do actually do a bit of modeling on the side. I know I'm not 100% the typical model size, you know the model type...skinny with no appetite, haha. I just find modeling to be really fun and its nice to be infront of the camera for a change, instead of being behind it. So these are a few pictures that a friend of mine, Daniel Ehrenworth had taken. He is such an awesome guy, so much fun to work with. I've done 2 or 3 shoots with him now including a nude photoshoot. He makes the environment in which you work in with him so easy going and relaxed, words cannot describe how awesome and amazingly talented this guys is! I love this guy! AND he just got engaged, so I'm so happy for him and wish him the best in the future. ANYWAYS, this shoot was for a yearly magazine called "Poor But Sexy". This was the very first fashion/arts magazine I had ever been in so this was a big deal for me. The last 2 pictures are actually of Daniel Ehrenworth and he actually took those pictures himself, they werent in the magazine though, its pretty much his calling card. Enjoy!

Lippincott Shoot (2008)

These pictures are incredibly old! About 2 years ago, I asked my friend Megan Campagnolo, who I met while working at H&M (I only decided to talk to her cause she has a fucking amazing tattoo on her arm of 60's Blonde Bombshell Brigitte Bardot. The friendship only grew stronger from there), to come over to my place(college & bathurst, lippincott blvd. I MISS LITTLE ITALY) for a mini photoshoot. So she came over, I put her in one of my dresses, made her hair all crazy, drew on her face, than handed her some peacock feathers. It was fun, it was just for shits and giggles. The pictures are alright, I just used a shitty little digital and a bit of photoshop. Anyways here they are.
Good morning, good morning, good morning! Bah, waking up on a beautiful morning and remembering you have to work, is one of the most amazing feelings.....bahahaha like hell it is. Oh well, I'm not there for long today, so it will be bitter sweet. I had a great time last night, I went out for a few drinks with my roomate down in the gaybourhood, at Cruise & Tango. We had one picture to ourselves than we shared another picture with a drag queen, her name escapes my thoughts right now though. We left somewhat drunk, returned home and made nachos and attempted to watch The Sixth Sense, but ended up falling asleep on the couch. When I return from work today, I've got a meeting with a client of mine, I'll be making 2 dresses for a wedding on June 25th, I'm not sure of the colours or even the fabric that I will be using seeing as they are picking out both the colour and the fabric. All I know is that it is for her and her Daughter. It's been about 2 years since I made a dress for a wedding, so I'm very excited and really quite anxious to see the material I'll be working with. I really, really, really would love to make them crazy couture and extremely high fashion....but this aint going to be Gaga's wedding they're going to, so I'll tone it down haha. Alrighty, well I have to go get ready for work. Peace :)

Gladstone Shoot (January 2009)

I did this photoshoot over a year ago at the Gladstone hotel on Queen west. It was such a fun night! Designer & Stylist was myself, MUA was none other than Logan Salter, who made the model Kristen Aubin look incredibly fierce, hair was done by Joy Klapko and the lady who made the photographs look absolutely stunning and really captured the image, was the magnificent Dana Brushette. I met both Joy and Dana for the first time this night and they were amazing! I'd love to work with them again and hope I get the opportunity to do so really soon!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fucking good god damn! I have spent the entire day on here, making sure everything is exactly how I want it to be. I had today off anyways, but I really should have done something productive, such as done some sewing, cleaning.....taken a shower even. Oh well, at least now I'm about 90% with the layout and everything. I've decided that I'm going to try and make a post when I get up in the morning and once at night, maybe even just when I go to bed. Like I said earlier today, I have a shit load of pictures to upload from past photoshoots and shit. Actually today I came across a few pictures on my friends blog, photographer extraordinaire, Lynsie Roberts, of some "behind the scenes" pictures. It was a fan-fucking-tastic shoot and despite how last minute it was (a days notice) everything came together and the pictures are siiiiiiiiiiiick. I'll post them soon enough, but now I am in serious need of a shower, than the cleaning MUST be done! Peace.

CJN Shoot (April 2007)

Just for kicks and just to see how the whole posting images and what not is done, I decided to post a few pictures from a shoot I did about 2 and half years ago with my friend Alana, who modeled a few designs I had made. The photographers name was James Kachan and I have no fucking idea what the hell he is up to right now, havent seen for mad time, taking pictures somewhere I hope. Alana is doing really well, she moved to the concrete jungle where dreams are made of, the big NY and is studying at Parsons right now for something to do with fashion, it wouldnt suprise me if she is doing more modeling down their either.
My first blog entry in history. I'm not really sure what to write or what to say, I just keep telling myself "dont make it lame, dont make it stupid". So here it is, my blog, I'll do my best to keep my blog from becoming a massive bore, but just stick with me for the first little while, until I get the swing of things. I've got lots of pictures to post, some old, some new and some that I dont even have yet cause they're that new. I'll be posting everything that makes me think, anything that I find that I have found to be inspirational even in the slightest way, anything that I think that has had somewhat of an impact on me, it'll be on here. I'll start posting some pictures tomorrow, the first few pictures will be relatively old ones, but as they go on they become more up to date. So I hope you enjoy. Peace.