Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My AMAZING new job!

I have finally stepped back from the fashion retail world, only to enter into the extremely exciting world of furniture, lol! I'm loving my new job @ Shelter ITS AWESOME! They sell beautiful high end furniture! It has an awesome mix of styles between the new young, hip, modern and contemporary, combined with a retro vintage feel! Come and see some of the extraordinary pieces they have! 885 Caledonia Rd. You won't be disappointed!


  1. There will be a road trip to check out not only your store but the many eclectic shops in that area! ...but I can't wait to see Shelter...and perhaps make some small but meaningful purchase to commemorate the event!
    Looking forward to it! Happy mostly that you are so happy and doing well! MUCH love, MOM <3

  2. ...and YES, we loved Shelter! A Gallery of furnishings and eclectic pieces! Thanks Chris!
    Enjoyed meeting everyone and love the vase we purchased!
    Hope to return soon!
    Best Wishes to the Shelter Staff and Management!
    Beautiful Gallery! :o)